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Home of the romantic movie-esque backdrop, Sydney is the picture perfect postcard location to visit. As you walk along the harbor, with the view of the Opera house, you won’t believe how a so far could look so beautiful and familiar. Of course, far is only a relative term that doesn’t apply to all of our readers, but Australia is an Island in it’s own little part of the world. When you get off the plane you don’t expect it to be so similar to what you’re used to. Everyone you meet will be friendly and eager to chat with you. Don’t hold back and enjoy your time in Sydney to the fullest. Grab a bite and stay away from colorful frogs!


Title: A City on The Water

Body: Sydney, Australia is among the most fascinating cities on our list of destinations. With a location on the southeastern border of Australia, Sydney sits on the farthest edge New Zealand. It makes for a situation where the city itself is actually a site to see. You never really have to do much beside walk around and enjoy everything there is around you. Of course you get to try the amazing cuisine and experience the magnificent museums, but don’t be afraid to throw your to do list out the window and take a walk. The things you’ll find, both physically and theoretically, will surprise you for the better.

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