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Dormer Pramet


Ever seen a stampede of Wildebeest? And no, the famous scene in The Lion King doesn’t count. But don’t worry! Tanzania is the place. You can see any kind of wildlife phenomenon associated with Safaris and the Serengeti. Hippos getting into quarrels over who rules the waterways. Elephant migrations throughout the seasons. Chimpanzees swinging along the treetops. Above it all, the different cultures in Tanzania will have your heart leaping with joy. You can never imagine the absolute shock you’ll experience when you see the happiness instilled in a complete stranger’s eye. Tanzania is the place for a literal and metaphorical eye-opening experience.


Title: Where the First Humans Roamed

Body: Tanzania is literally oozing with interesting things to do and see. It’s home to large populations of chimpanzees. In fact, locals and people from around the world come to observe the Tanzanian chimpanzees. The research we’ve done so far only goes so far. The rest is still ahead! Additionally, Tanzania is one of the locations where the first humans roamed millions of years ago. It’s definitely worth the trip to Tanzania if you have any interest in anthropology or any other study of human evolution. It truly is eye opening.

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